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This Is About Church

Documentary Theater Event
Friday 30 November and Saturday 1 December at 7:30pm

United Church of Rogers Park has partnered with The Arc Theatre and Waltzing Mechanics to create a documentary theater performance featuring real stories from our congregation. This Is About Church tells the stories of many people of United Church of Rogers Park. A church that is truly has a welcoming and diverse congregation devoted serving our community to make Rogers Park a safer, stronger, healthier place to call home.  
Tickets are $15.00. Purchase at the door or online at
All ticket sales proceeds benefit UCRP and its outreach programs.

 Frequently Asked Question

  • What is documentary theater?

    • Documentary theater is similar to a documentary film, but rather than storytelling with a camera and on a screen, a stage performance brings stories to life in a shared live performance experience.

  • Why should you attend?

    • Our congregation volunteered to open their hearts and share their stories because we all benefit when we listen and connect with one another.

    • Our volunteer event partners crafted a thoughtful and compelling evening of storytelling because they believe in the mission and ministries of UCRP.

    • All proceeds from event ticket sales benefit UCRP.

      • Waltzing Mechanics produces documentary theater inspired by real people telling stories about their lives using methods of performance ethnography, we facilitate dialogue among our audiences and within our communities.
        The Arc Theatre utilizes the specific talents of intelligent artists in order to creatively present honest stories; productions which, by their nature, are germane to and appreciated by a diverse and modern audience.