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Ascension Day

Ascension Day is the Christian celebration of Jesus rising into Heaven after Christ had spent 40 days on Earth after the Resurrection. Ascension Day is celebrated forty days after Easter Sunday on Ascension Thursday. This date is also ten days before the celebration of the Pentecost.


The Christian belief is that after Jesus died on the cross on Good Friday, and rose from the dead on Easter Sunday. Jesus then walked the Earth among God's followers for forty days, continually teaching about the  Dominion of Heaven.

The fortieth day, Jesus was eating, drinking and speaking among God's followers. At this time, Jesus had “commanded” the disciples “that they should not depart from Jerusalem, but should wait for the promise of God, which you have heard by my mouth.” After all, was spoken to God's followers, Acts 1:9 states “And when Jesus had said these things, while they looked on, Jesus was raised up: and a cloud received Christ out of their sight.”

According to the New Testament, the event of the Ascension occurred on Mount Olivet (Mount of Olives). The reading of Acts 1:12 states “Then they returned to Jerusalem from the mount that is called Olivet, which is nigh Jerusalem, within a Sabbath day’s journey.”

Another mention of the Ascension occurs in the Gospel of St. Luke 24:50-51. The verses state “And Jesus led them out as far as Bethania: and lifting up, and blessed them. And it came to pass, whilst Christ blessed them Christ departed from them, and was carried up to heaven.” St. Mark also mentions the Ascension of Jesus in Chapter 16:19 stating “And the Lord Jesus, after Jesus had spoken to them, was taken up into heaven and sitteth on the right hand of God.”

King David wrote a prophecy of the Ascension in The Book of Psalms 67:19. King David stated: “Thou hast ascended on high, thou hast led captivity captive; thou hast received gifts in all people.” This Psalm is located in Psalms 68:18 of the New King James version of the Bible.

Unfortunately, there are not detailed mentions of the Ascension in the Bible. One theory is based on how the apostles were dealing with all these events. There was a whirlwind of events occurring in a short amount of time. Jesus came to teach and also performed miracles;  died;  rose from the dead; and then reappeared on Earth for forty days. 

Another theory arises from the importance of the Ascension itself. Perhaps the Ascension was not to be an important event recorded in the Bible. Jesus ascending into Heaven was not Jesus' purpose on this Earth. Jesus purpose was to tell the world about the Realm of Heaven, to show all people the way to the Heaven, and to save all souls who follow God. Therefore, the Ascension was not an event the apostles thought to be important. Perhaps the writing about the Ascension was discussed by Jesus with the apostles before Jesus left this Earth.