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Baptism of Darryl Sherrod/New Members

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Baptism of Darryl Sherrod

New church member Darryl Sherrod will be baptized on Sunday 23 September during worship.  Make sure to attend and become a joyful witness to this most holy and happy occasion. 

New Members
Mr. and Mr. Darryl and Joel Sherrod

Afterwards he and his husband, Joel Sherrod, will be received as new members. Please join us to welcome them to our faith life and community!

Pastor Lindsey will be preaching
Scriptures: James 3:13-43; Mark 9:30-37

Theme: Illusion of Christian Society to Christian Subversion-At one point the movement of Christianity was subsumed by empire. Since then being a “good christian” has been synonymous with being a “good citizen” or following all the laws. This wasn’t the Christianity Jesus preached, Jesus preached a movement of subverting power for the sake of those power would reject, neglect or oppress.

Earlier Event: September 16
Pastor Hope preaching