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Palm Sunday - A service of lessons, hymns, and table

First picture: Sanctary ready for Palm Sunday
Second picture: Deacon Wes helped lead this special worship that started outside the sanctuary.  The congregation marched into the worship space by waving palms and singing, "Jesus is coming. Pave the wave with branches." 
Third Picture: Northern Illinois District Superintendent Rev. Dr. Ziki help by reading the role of Jesus during the telling of the Passion Story.  Ziki is standing on far left with Worship Committee member Elaine Wolensky. and with communion.  The service ended differently with the sanctuary being stripped of its colors and black cloths placed over the low alter, baptism font, and cross.
The fourth picture: Choir practicing Easter music

Margaret Derry.jpg

It is with great sorrow we announce the passing of Margaret Derry, the beloved manager of New to You Thrift Shop. Margaret managed the shop for over 15yrs before retiring in 2017. She was loved by many people in the Rogers Park neighborhood most of whom she called by name. Known for her colorful head wraps, and jovial attitude, "Have a blessed day" was always at the end of a sale and "Hello, dollbaby" a name of endearment she gave people she cared for. Margaret was a member of the United Church of Rogers Park where she loved each and everyone she served with, even mentoring some to be the best person they can, and to be gracious in their living. 

The Derry family is thankful to all whom knew and cared for their beloved.

A memorial service will be held at UCRP on Saturday, March 24
Noon Gathering
Memorial Service at 12:30 pm
followed by a Pot Luck Meal  - please bring a dish to share. 

New to You Thrift Shop, and the United Church of Rogers Park, will be taking cards, prayers, and any donations you would like give to the Derry family. Donations can be made to the church in honor of Margaret.  All donations will be given to the family to help cover expenses.  

Harper Ann!

Harper Ann was born on Sunday, March 4.  She and Pastor Lindsey are home and doing well.  

Here is a ink to a mail train if you would to provide food to the new family.

Pastor Lindsey's Maternity leave began on March 4. We have made sure that every Sunday is covered by a preacher and a presider. Deacon Wes will be taking on some more of the pastoral care and worship duties, and Karsten will also be taking on more duties as he finishes up his internship with us this year. If you have any questions about the details of the coverage plan, a hardcopy of the coverage plan for Pastor Lindsey's maternity leave will be available in the office. Please continue to reach out to Pastor Hope and Deacon Wes as you normally would. 

Harper Ann.jpg

Maidel Cason (1928-2018) passed away on January 8 after a long journey with Alzheimer’s.

She was a feminist, a fierce seeker of justice who put on no airs and lived her values. She loved to learn and to teach, but mostly she loved to help others.

Throughout her life, Maidel worked hard for racial and economic justice in her local community, nationally and internationally. She greatly admired Eleanor Roosevelt and was a passionate supporter of Planned Parenthood. She was a part of local Evanston struggles for affordable housing. Maidel was also active with the Democratic Party and registered voters for the League of Women’s Voters. After she retired from Dominican, she joined the board of the Evanston Public Library.   

A short obituary at

A celebration of her life will be held at the United Church of Rogers Park on Saturday 3 March with a gathering at 1pm, Celebration Service at 2pm followed by a reception.  In lieu of flowers the family asks that donations be made to the United Church’s Community Feast.


All Saints Sunday 

5 November 2017

 ...naming and lighting a candle for the saints around us every day...

...naming and lighting a candle for the saints around us every day...

On 5 November 2017, UCRP celebrated All Saints Sunday. We remembered those that came before us, and the work they did. We recognized the saints around us, and the work we have to continue. And we expressed hope of those that will come after us, and lead our church in the future. Such light in the world!

 ..and the saints to come...

..and the saints to come...

 Pastor Lindsey leading All Saints Worship Service

Pastor Lindsey leading All Saints Worship Service

Slide show of All Saint Sunday below.  Click picture to advance to next picture.

UCRP Past News

Thank you Aqua-Volunteers

Much obliged to all the aqua-volunteers who helped unload 500 pumpkins of all sizes for the Pumpkin Patch Sale during a rain storm on Saturday 7 October 2017.  The truck delivering the pumpkins was to arrive at 10 am, but was delayed and arrived at 4 pm.  These drenched volunteers came through whether the weather was rain or shine.  The Pumpkin Patch is to help raise funds for the After School Program.  Funding is needed since the Chicago Public Schools will not be financing the After School Program.  Due to the shortage of funding, this program will be only 3 days a week instead of 5 days.*  To all the water-logged folks that unloaded, displayed the pumpkins, and floored the ground with hay, deserve a big thank you.  At the end of their hard work, a gift from the heaven shined across the Pumpkin Patch -  a double rainbow.  See pictures below by clicking picture to advance.

*since the time of this writing, UCRP's after school program has received Safe Haven funding and is currently operating 5 days a week. Thanks to all who donated!

Lunch Lady Lindsey.jpg

Lunch Lady

Pastor Lindsey's first official duty at UCRP


Rev. Wesley Dorr, Deacon, facilitated a work group to build a greenhouse for the Peace Center of Rogers Park. 


The Peace Gardens are found on the south side of the church building on Ashland Street side.