Upcoming Events at UCRP

Rogers Park welcomes immigrants and refugees from all over the world.

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We know fleeing violence or seeking new a livelihood in the United States are not crimes.

  • No human being is illegal!  
  • Stop the traumatizing separation of hundreds children from their parents! 
  • End the detention of thousands of migrant children in prisons and camps! No more raids and deportations. 

This Saturday 23 June,  we will gather with our families and communities to demand migrant families be reunited and released from detention immediately.  The march starts at the Morse el stop beginning at 2:00 pm and going till 4:00 pm. From Morse el, we'll march to Touhy Park. 

If you can't make this march, there are more rallies coming up!!  There is another on Saturday 30 June from 11:00 am to 1:00 pm at Richard J. Daley Center,  50 W. Washington, Chicago, Illinois 60602

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March in the Pride Parade
Sunday 24 June

If you would like to represent UCRP march in the Pride Parade on June 24th, please let Pastor Lindsey know. 

Dick Tholin's 90th birthday is June 28! 


Dear friend of my Dad, Dick Tholin, 
This June 28 is Dad's 90th birthday.   
Many, but perhaps not all of you, know that he has a condition, primary progressive aphasia (also a form of dementia), that has drastically curtailed his ability to speak.  He is currently confined to a wheelchair. 
Though he can't speak, he understands things happening around him, and enjoys listening to music, watching operas, and sports on TV, especially basketball and tennis.  
While we are not having a birthday party, there are several ways you can help us to celebrate this milestone with him.
We are putting together a slide show of his life for him to enjoy.  Do you have any photos of him or of events or experiences that you and he shared?   If you do and can send to me (photos or electronically) that would be a great addition to our show. 
Also, Dick would love to see you for a brief visit.  Please call Phyllis first to arrange a time or to check in before you drop in.
 Birthday cards are very welcome!  As are brief stories and remembrances.
 Photos?  Contact Kathy Tholin at  kathy.tholin@gmail.com  or call  773-517-0300.
Cards and calls, contact  Phyllis Tholin at  847-475-1174  or tholbooks@aol.com
Thanks for helping us celebrate our extraordinary Dick Tholin! 
All the best,
Kathy Tholin
p.s. Making the slide show is great fun--we are happy to share it with you as we complete it/develop it.  Or you can watch some of it with Dad when you come to visit.


United Church would like to congratulate our Music Director, Jeremy Ramey, for winning his 5th Jeff Award for Music Direction for Sweeney Todd with Theo Ubique theather on 11 June 2018! We are blessed to make joyful noises with him and enjoy his talent every Sunday morning! Way to go, Jeremy!

"Perhaps the biggest star of the show [aside from Sweeney] is the ensemble here. The Ensemble's vocal work [Jeremy Ramey is again credited with music direction and arrangements)]on The Ballad of Sweeney Todd is particularly chilling." 

- from Review: Theo Ubique's Chillingly Exciting SWEENEY TODD by Misha DavenportMar. 19, 2018, www.broadwayworld.com  


"Theo Ubique is raising the last bit of money to build out its new digs a couple of miles up Sheridan Road, just across the Evanston border. It should all be buttoned up by the fall.  Great.  But I’ll really miss this space.  I’ve seen the most profound kind of communication within its walls.  Happily [or not], a certain pervasive sense of melancholy always enhances one’s appreciation of Sweeney Todd.

 So the doings of the old demon barber of Fleet Street represent something of a grand hurrah, here, for director Fred Anzevino — an exit from the No Exit in a way that makes a statement. Probably more than any other show Anzevino has staged here, this spirited “Sweeney Todd” is a truly environmental production [the set is by Ben Lipinski]. Go to the men’s room and you nearly end up in the lap of musical director Jeremy Ramey."

- From Theo Ubique says farewell to the No Exit with well-sung 'Sweeney Todd' by Chris Jones, Chicago Tribune, 13 March 2018



On 7 June 2018, United Voices for Children brought together 95 persons for its Annual Breakfast last Tuesday. The gathering honored a variety of ministries and initiatives with children, youth and families. Here Deacon Wes Dorr of the United Church of Rogers Park is given the Bishop Jesse DeWitt Advocacy Award.

A Special Request

Dear UCRP friends and family,

We are writing today with an urgent financial need. As many of you know, our members passed a deficit budget for 2018. In order to avoid cutting staff or ministry, we decided to go forward with a deficit.  Our leaders have been working diligently to get our organizational and administrative processes in order, and we are poised to begin strategic planning which will include a plan to move us toward financial stability. 
As we are making administrative and planning gains, we still need funds to maintain our current operations. 
We are asking all of our congregants, friends, and ministry partners to help us with an immediate need so that we are able to  pay our utilities.  Donations of any amount are appreciated. https://secure.squarespace.com/commerce/donate?donatePageId=5a4be5bae2c483daf9a7252e

Thank you for your continued support,
UCRP Pastoral Ministry Team

Greetings UCRP Friends and Family,

Our Church does amazing works in our community.  From the New to You thrift shop, to the Community Feast; from Circles and Ciphers, to the Peace Center, the United Church of Rogers Park fills many gaps in countless lives.


As many of you are aware, the church is currently operating on a deficit budget, and we are on track to lose money this year.  In order to help fill the gap for our beloved church, and to further spread the good news of all of the works we do here, we are announcing an exciting fundraising initiative that we hope you will all take part in.

Church members David Behrns and Chance Lowe are working with members of the Chicago theater community, who have volunteered to develop a play telling our stories.  Through this play, we hope to raise awareness of our church, and raise money to help us continue our good works.

UCRP fills the gap in the community.  It also fills the gap in each of our lives.  This team of artists want to help tell the stories of members of UCRP.  In order to do this, we are asking for volunteers who would like to be interviewed to share how UCRP helps fill the gap for them.

Our goal is to have the play premiere at our church in October.  The play will be the centerpiece of a weekend of fun fundraising events that we can all take part in.  Be on the lookout for additional announcements about the schedule of events and how you can participate!


Fifty years ago, the  United Methodist Church was officially formed


Back on April 23, 1968, the United Methodist Church merged with the unification of the Methodist Church and the Evangelical United Brethren Church, along with the dissolution of the Central Jurisdiction, a segregated group of African American congregations.

With the words “Lord of the Church, we are united in Thee, in Thy Church and now in The United Methodist Church,” the new denomination was birthed at the constituting General Conference being held that year in Dallas. The words, said in unison over joined hands, by Bishop Reuben H. Mueller of the Evangelical United Brethren Church and Bishop Lloyd C. Wicke of The Methodist Church, signified the formation of one of the largest denominations in the world, representing 53 countries.

The celebration anniversary is throughout 2018, especially around Heritage Sunday on May 20.

For more information, click www.umc.org/umc50  for the latest news, features, and historical retrospectives on this most important anniversary for our church.


We need you!

Do you have a car? Would you be willing to give rides to those who need assistance getting to worship on Sundays?  Would you be able to pick up before service or give rides home after?  Even if you can only commit to helping every once in a while, please let Pastor Hope know.